Dare You Try This Impossible Dark Souls Quiz? (Quiz)


Ha! Puny human. You think you have the fortitude to succeed here? You little worm.

You can try this Dark Souls Quiz, but prepare to die!!

When was Dark Souls released?

Who is the Lord of Cinder in Dark Souls 1?

Which version of the game has the lowest score on Metacritic?

If you're in human form by the bonfire in Blighttown, what butcher's knife wielding NPC invades your world?

Which sword does the Hellkite Wyvern drop?

What sorcerer is trapped in the cage hanging in Sen's Fortress?

The main building in Anor Londo is based on which European building?

Who tried to recreate the First Flame?

Who is the NPC that you can summon in the Catacombs to help fight Pinwheel?

What is the attack value of a fully upgraded Gravelord Sword?


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