Do You Stand a Chance Against Our Super Mario Odyssey Quiz? (Quiz)


We can all agree that Mario Odyssey for the Switch was great. Easy, but great. Well, here’s your chance to…. what am I doing? Nobody reads the opening blurb to quizzes.

Here it is.

What's the name of the annoying theme song in Super Mario Odyssey?

Which of these animals can Mario NOT take control of in the game?

Which of these isn't a regional coin?

Mario has an outfit option of which Nintendo superstar?

Bowser wants to steal what from the Sand Kingdom?

What's the name of Mario's hat?

How many Broodals are there?

How many Power Moons are available for collection in the game?

What's the name of the mayor of New Donk City that first appeared in the original Donkey Kong game?

And what gift does Mario give her for her birthday in the game?


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