Got what it takes to infiltrate our Goldeneye quiz, 007? (Quiz)


Your mission, Mr. Bond, should you choose to accept it, is to answer these challengng questions on one of the best games in the 90s.

“Ooooooh, it’s rubbish when you go back and play it now,” say legions of wrong people with no friends.

What's this gun called?

Who is this (infuriating) character?

Completing this level in under 2:05 minutes on 00 agent grants you which cheat?

Which actor is this meant to be?

In which level does 007 encounter the franchise classic enemy Jaws?

Which character was recently admitted by the developers of Goldeneye to be a cheat if picked in multiplayer?

What is the name of the Doctor who (occasionally) give you the keycard

Maybe the hardest section of the game, what level is this area part of?

The CCTV tape in the second Bunker level has the same cover as which film?

What is the maximum clip size for, the king of all weapons, the RC-P90?


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