13. Castlevania Podcast

12. Tekken 3 Podcast

Theres loads of new Tekkens. Heres the new one you can also be a super cool collector and buy this one.

10. Super Mario Odyssey Podcast

Get Mario Odyssey now on the Switch it's a cracking little game. Click the links to buy it.

9. Goldeneye Podcast

Getting the game is pretty hard now cause it's well old but if you want the nostalgia of a misogynistic spy who doesn't even sweat...

8. Red Dead Redemption Podcast

Pre order Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Xbox One or alternatively buy the older one PS3 Xbox 360

7. Dark Souls Podcast

Get Dark Souls remastered on PS4 or Switch here.

5. Pokemon Red Podcast

Get Pokemon lets go! Eevee or Pikachu ( just games Eevee or Pikachu)

4. Tomb Raider Podcast

Get the new Tomb Raider for PS4 and Xbox One